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Material: EVA/PC/PVC

Color: Black/ Green/ Red

Any size available!
* Suitable for slicing up all kinds of long or square loaf
* Specially designed to slice evenly and tidily
* Imported blade, sharp and durable
* Inlet / outlet incline, ...

1. Dimension: 85*40mm

2. Battery: 12V

3. Match with Signal Receiver SK-302

4. 3 different function buttons -- Service, Bill, Refill Drinks

5. A red ...
1. Wireless and no wiring required. Connected up to 99 pcs of signal emitters.

2.Signal Receiving effectively around 500M without blockage.

3.Can connect more than one ...
Size: 740*480*420mm
Material: S/S or S/S with brass leg
Gastro Container: 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 6/1, 9/1
Model: HGR-704G
Description: 4-Burner Gas Range With Gas Griddle&Gas Oven
Dimension: 1200*760*1000mm
Heat Flux: 16.5 (BTU/HR)
Packing Dimension: 1320*830*1100mm
Gross Weight: ...
Overall Size: D77*H290mm

Material: ABS

Color: White, Phosphorescent
Suitable for shaping all kinds of long or square loaf; Specially designed to adjust precisely dough thickness; Competent to laminate, stretch the dough and improve tenacity; ...

1. Dimension: 9*5.5*2.5cm

2. Battery: 12V

3. Wireless and no wiring required

4. Match with Signal Receiver SK-302

5. Four buttons ( Bill, Drink, ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
1. Wireless, no wiring required, used with receiver SK-300

2. Put on table or stick on wall

3. Big Button, colorful Design

4. Color indicator lighted when signal sent
Size: 740*480*420mm

Material: S/S or S/S with brass leg
Model: HGZ-70
Description: Gas French Hot-Plate Cooker With Cabinet
Dimension: 700*750*910mm
Gas Power:35.9 (BTU/HR)
Packing Dimension: 900*1000*1100mm
Gross Weight: 140 kgs
Overall Size: 500*160*90mm

Material: PC, PP, ABS

Color: Clear, White, Black

3 / 5 Compartment or make according to your demands!
Model: HLTJ12H/F
Voltage(V): 220/380
Power(w): 550
Capacity: 12kg/h
Dimension: 40*19*41cm

Model: HLTJ22A/B
Votage(V): 220/380
Power(w): 750
Capacity: 220kg/h ...

1. Dimension: 317*180*28mm

2. Voltage: 220V

3. Wireless and no wiring required. Connected up to 60 sets of signal transmitters

4. Signal receiving ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
Wireless Paging System used in the restaurant, Coffee Shop, or hospital when waiting in line. Make the waiting time more easier.

1. SU-200 system construction

Wireless Paging ...
Size: D520*480mm

Material: S/S or S/S with brass leg
Model: HIC-74
Description: Commercial Induction Cooker With Cabinet
Dimension: 800*700*900mm
Voltage/Frequency: 380/50 (V/Hz)
Power: 8 KG
Packing Dimension: 900*800*1100 ...
Overall Size: 240*150*105mm

Material: ABS

Color: Black
Available Dimension:
LED Receiver can show 99 table numbers in three different color. Each color represent one service
1. Construction of SK-302 system
SK-302 calling system consist of the Receiver ...

1. Frequency: 433 MHz

2. Coverage: 500M

3. Alert by Vibrate/ Flash/ Beep

4. Water-Proofed and Anti-Break

5. Wireless and convenient to take for ...
Size: D505*452mm

Material: S/S or S/S with brass leg
Size: D190*220 / D150*175

Material: Deluxe S/S

Thickness: 0.8mm

Welcome Customized size and material!
Model: HEO-8
Description: Electric Oven
Dimension: 834*672*572mm
Voltage/Frenquency: 220/50
Power: 6.4 Kw
Packing Dimension: 940*780*680mm
Gross Weight: 77kgs
This transmitter used in the restaurant or other place need to wait in line and make customer enjoy the time when waiting


1. The main board have 30 buttons and ...
Size: 570*360*360mm
Material: S/S or S/S with brass leg
Gastro Container: 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 6/1, 9/1
Size: D230*750 / D230*610 / D190*750

Thickness: D38mm

Material: High Quality S/S

Welcome Customized design, size and material!